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    SKIN REVOLUTION is a fast-emerging skincare brand that redefines the true meaning of natural beauty and inspires its clientele to feel confidently beautiful. Spearheaded by Genesis Business Solutions, a successful brand and digital marketing powerhouse based in Singapore, Skin Revolution introduces a unique product line that enhances the skin and unveils the inner beauty that glows from within.

    At Skin Revolution, we believe that the skin tells a lot about a person—age, job, hobbies, and even emotions. We see skin as an important part of the body and the greatest accessory that a person could be proud of. This is why we have developed a skincare brand that lets women celebrate their age and embrace their innate beauty, regardless of race, age, skin tone, body shape, looks, and even disabilities.

    To be beautiful is to feel good. When you feel good, there is happiness. Skin Revolution believes that a happy woman is a beautiful woman. Skin Revolution’s powerful concept of beauty is simple—a healthy skin is the new beautiful skin. Through the combination of traditional ways and beneficial elements of naturally sourced ingredients, our vision is to make you beautiful with a healthier and stronger skin. We formulated our flagship products with the perfectly blended active ingredients in our body scrub, soap, and mask to bring out the best version of your skin. We provide simple, easy to use, and effective regimen. Our products cleanses, moisturizes, heals, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin in a gentle way.

    We retransform the ideology of the society today, where being physically perfect must be achieved. But here in Skin Revolution, we want women to take care of their skin in the most convenient way everyday, so they can focus more on life’s drive than worrying about skin conditions. Real beauty is embracing who you are and being happy with your skin. From our innovative powder masks to moisturizing sticks, body scrubs, and sleep kit, we bring you handy, convenient, and effective products to use every day for a natural and radiant look.

    Skin Revolution products are available in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia

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