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February 5, 2020

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In line with the well-loved photo sharing on Instagram entitled “Who’s Wearing Zuri Baby Couture Hashtag #whoswearingzuribabycouture ”, fashion accessories and clothing brand Zuri Baby Couture brings another exciting online competition—SEARCH FOR ZURI BABY COUTURE 2019 CALENDAR BABIES, which is open for all 2018 entries of #whoswearingzuribabycouture.


Calling all mommies who join the popular Instagram photo sharing for babies #whoswearingzuribabycouture! We are opening the fashion floor for the much-anticipated SEARCH FOR ZURI BABY COUTURE 2019 CALENDAR BABIES.


The new online competition is open to all #whoswearingzuribabycouture entries for 2018 (until December 25, 2018 entries) we will choose 12 Babies on December 31 and the chosen 12 Babies will be featured on Zuri Baby Couture Global 2019 Calendar.


As a way of giving thanks for the love and support of its loyal clients, Zuri Baby Couture will generously be producing a SPECIAL 2019 CALENDAR that will be released on January 15, 2018 and will feature 12 CALENDAR BABIES from the pool of winners in the online awarding ceremony of #whoswearingzuribabycouture on December 31, 2018. The 2019 Calendar will be downloadable on our website and will be available in a printed version.


Another special award that Zuri Baby Couture will be giving away is the PEOPLE’S CHOICE OF THE YEAR. Our team will be providing an online poll from December 25 to 31, 2018, where each entry will be posted with a corresponding voting box. The entry with the most number of love and shares will be the winner and the official announcement will be held online on January 01, 2019. Winner of the the PEOPLE'S CHOICE OF THE YEAR will receive up to PhP 20,000 worth of Prizes from Zuri Baby Couture and it's sponsored partners!


Below are the simple mechanics:


  • Share photos of your Babies wearing Zuri Baby Couture Brand in Instagram. Use Hashtag #whoswearingzuribabycouture and tag @zuribabycouture - we will choose the best photos in your post, so more entries the more chance of winning.
  • We will announce 12 Babies on our Social Media and News Page on December 15, 2018
  • Within December 15 to 25, 2014, mommies/daddies of the winners should submit one (1) photo of their baby wearing Zuri Baby Couture accessories. Photo must be in its raw quality (no decorations, texts, watermarks, or frames) and in high-resolution definition (300 DPI, at least 1MB). Parents have the option to use their previous submission to Zuri Baby Couture team. Email your baby’s photo to Important Note: If Zuri Baby Couture team hasn’t received any submission from you from the said timeframe, we will be using the old entry both in the calendar and online poll.
  • Zuri Baby Couture will have a panel of judges who will be in charge of selecting the 12 CALENDAR BABIES from the pool of previous #whoswearingzuribabycouture winners.
  • For the award entitled PEOPLE’S CHOICE OF THE YEAR, the online voting process will take place on Zuri Baby Couture’s website from  December 26 to 31, 2018.The photo entry with the most number of likes will be the winner of the special title and will receive PhP 20,000 worth of Prizes from Zuri Baby Couture, Bambo Nature and Skin Revolution.  This special award does not entitle the winner to be included in the 12 CALENDAR BABIES, unless the panel of judges decides to include the People’s Choice of the Year titleholder in the much-awaited top twelve list.
  • Each winner included in the 12 CALENDAR BABIES will receive PhP 5,000 worth of Gift Prizes and a copy of Zuri Baby Couture Calendar.
  • The awarding and official announcement of the 12 CALENDAR BABIES is on December 31,2018
  • Zuri Baby Couture will be using the submitted photo entries in the highly anticipated 2019 calendar.


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