Zuri Baby Couture Hair Accessories Collection for your Little Princesses’ daily fashion journey

By: zuribaby

September 22, 2021

Categories: Zuri News

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Beyond the bounds of humble beginnings, the instant infant fashion Zuri Baby Couture has established a trademark in the classy, trendy, and unique hair accessories for babies

Unexpected results of having the headband collection as a trending sales top-notcher were seen in a span of three months after the launch of Zuri Baby Couture's online avenues in February 2013. Regular customers have supported the brand's new designs and have requested some old collections to be made available again.

The headbands' classic and elegant (but eye-catching) impact glistened, making each baby undeniably stylish. Mothers communicated their highest support and love for the designs through endearing electronic mails and direct Facebook messages.

In return for the patrons' outstanding commendations, we launch a lovely design of the Daily Hair Accessories Collection that will suit your little princess's daily fashion journey!

Pinkie Monday Jumpstart

Mother Barbie commands the color pink, so we gladly shout pink all over our fashion statement styles! Zuri Baby Couture provides the favorite rosy hues of the little girls in superb crowns of glory. So start your week, not with a plain smile, but a big grin with your lips and teeth as your princess would look so happily beautiful in our Pinkie Monday Jumpstart Collection, our dearest mommy!

Tuesday Queenie Blues

Even though the color blue means gloomy, Zuri Baby Couture gives it a unique twist that comes in sleek tinctures of elegance. Simplicity is the key in this hair accessories set. Turn your baby's top victory into a classy vibe. Sounds cool? Or sounds even exciting? Infuse the simple dose of the gracious wave into your little one's head with the Tuesday Queenie Blues Collection.

Cute Wednesdainty Day

Ooooops, mommy, you are not in the world of cotton candy! Hence, you are in the pastel kingdom of Zuri Baby Couture! Sweet and charming hints of color extracts define the whole identity of this cute collection. It's all about the soft and fresh atmosphere that babies always bring to any mommy's day [upon seeing the most enthusiastic smile from the little ones]! So sophisticated and pretty, any attire would be adorable.

Little Thursday Punk

Let's do the rank. Let's give it to Thursday punk! Give it up for black because it's back with a pack! Zuri Baby Couture embellishes your princess with clues of being a rocker baby or most likely a superstar like the modern-day Hannah Montana and Britney Spears! So how does black appeal to you, mommy? This color doesn't come with the hard and bold look, but with the signature cutie patootie gaze of Zuri Baby Couture! Rock and roll, baby!

Glammy Friday Baby

Feels great and looks good to any tiny queenie; Glammy Friday Baby takes the inner diva character to a whole new level! The central attraction is the beautiful play of velvety textures and accents with glittery bling and celebrity starry elements! This is the kind of embellishment that would turn heads into awesomeness without you saying a word. Yes, Zuri Baby Couture promises this aura! Yeah!

Great Bambini Saturday Outdoors

Here you go to the safari chic who's always on the go no matter where mommy heads too! Great Bambini Outdoors Collection perfectly pushes the limits to one great travel experience with the combination of a green forestry theme and adventure-driven shapes! How about brushing elbows with Dora The Explorer or the ever-energetic Disney Junior buddies? Yeah, and alright to this ultimate "baby's day out!" Can we hear you say, yes, mommy?

Circus Sunday Princess

To culminate the entire week with a spoonful of happiness and unforgettable moment, Zuri Baby Couture grants your baby an enchanted trip to a colorful carnival! Again, a stunning palette takes center stage in its performance of jaw-dropping moves and flexible stunts that would lead your princess into a different aura throughout the day!

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