A Hot-Blooded Fuchsia – Ballerina Shoes And Headband Set

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Available Sizes: Small- ideal for babies 3-9 months
Shoes: 4.5 inches with soft sole
Headband: 16 inches Soft elastic
Color and Design: Fuchsia Pink Suade Ballerina Shoes & Headband set.
Shoes: Made with suade fabric adorned with a fabric flower
Hair Accessories: Made with a soft hypoallergenic elastic band adorned with fabric flowers. Constructed with felt backing for comfort and safety.

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Your baby will have an even cuter tippy-toe with this charming Zuri Baby Couture Ballerina Shoes and Headband set that will surely be her cherished favorite for all time. Whether you have a newborn, infant, or toddler, this style will make her feel comfortable and cozy all day long!
✓ The Ballerina shoes are made of high-quality materials such as cotton, satin, or suede. The Ballerina shoes have a padded cushion with cotton lining. The 4.5 inches are soft sole and perfect for infants.

(Please measure the actual size of your baby’s feet and allocate at least 0.5 inches for an allowance, so your baby’s feet have room to wiggle. The ideal age stated in the description is a reference only as baby’s sizes vary.)

✓ The Hair accessory is made of the hypoallergenic soft elastic ornament with a fabric flower and with felt backing for comfort and safety.
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• Check sizing parameters, care instructions, and more information about Zuri Baby Couture Products HERE.

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