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Sassy Girl Ballerina Shoes 9-18 Months

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Your little baby ballerina is dancing with her feet turning up and pointing down! And yes, your cutie baby dream of being the prima ballerina would come true with Zuri Baby Couture Ballerina shoes collection.


Available Sizes:
5 inches ideal for 9-18 months

* Please measure the actual size of your baby’s feet and allocate at least 0.5 inches for an allowance so your baby’s feet has a room to wiggle. The ideal age stated on the description is a reference only as baby’s sizes varies.

Zuri Baby Couture Baby shoes is made of high quality materials such as satin. The Baby shoes has a padded cushion and with a soft cotton lining for maximum comfort. The 5 inches has anti-skid or anti-slip sole best for pre-walker.

Zuri Baby Couture Baby headband is made of hypoallergenic elastics, fabric flowers and with felt backing for comfort and safety.

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